Invisible Hand Ground Vehicles Room

This area can be accessed by building onto the Drop Ship in the back. It requires 25 Gold Bricks to do so. In here, you can by the ground vehicles for the Separatists, as well as access Separatist Assault Missions by blowing up the silver object, giving you access to the holoprojector with these missions.
Unlockable Characters: Neimoidian (20,000)
                                      LEP Servant Droid (6,000)
                                      Gold Super Battle Droid (30,000)
                                      TX-20 (50,000)
                                      Heavy Super Battle Droid (25,000)
                                      Undead Geonosian (10,000)
Red Power Bricks: Invincibility (1,000,000): Use the Clone panel on the far right to reveal this Power Brick.
This room is mislabeled as the right-most "Resolute Ground Vehicles Room" on my map.