Free Play Mode

True Jedi: 60,000

Area 1: Canister 1: Use the Protocol panel on the left to open the door, then walk inside to collect this Canister.

            Canister 2: Build 3 objects in the center of the hallways. 2 are in Area 1, and 1 is in Area 3.

            Canister 3: In the room with the Boba Fett boss fight, Force the object in the center to reveal a hole. Drop down to collect this Canister.

            Canister 4: Use the Astromech panel left of the Bounty Hunter panel to open the door. Walk inside, then pull the lever to lower a platform. Double Jump up to it to reach this Canister.

            Canister 5: Force all three of the tables right of the elevators to reveal this Canister.

            Canister 6: Use the Bounty Hunter panel in the left elevator to go up to the roof. Destroy the palm trees, then Force the pots they were in to reveal this Canister.

Area 2: Red Power Brick: When you head out to the landing platform in Free Play Mode, this Power Brick will be on top of the Slave 1.

Area 3: Canister 7: Head back as soon as you enter this area to find this Canister.

            Canister 8: After grappling up, hover to the right to reach this Canister.

            Canister 9: Sith Force the console on the right to open the door. Walk inside and destroy the chandelier (a thermal detonator helps) to reveal this.

Area 5: Canister 10: Double Jump onto the Falcon to collect this Canister.

Minikit Model: Slave 1
Red Power Brick Extra: Score x6 (12,000,000)