Story Mode

Starting Characters: Jack Sparrow (Waistcoat), Elizabeth (Undergarments)
True Pirate: 60,000

    1. Use Jack's compass to find a box buried in the ground. You are going to need a shovel to dig it up, so head left to see a monkey holding one. Chase it until it demands a banana. Smack the banana tree to drop one. Give the banana to the monkey, then use the shovel to dig up the box. Grab the nearby wood pile and place it on one of the green pads. You'll need the LEGO pieces for later. Drop down the gap.

    2. Head right and hop on a barrel, then use the roller switch to raise part of the bridge. Jump and grab the chains to raise another part, then female jump onto the poles and swing across the gap. Smash the objects along the back right wall to reveal a crank. Pick it up and place it in the slot, then turn it to raise the last part of the bridge. Use the lever to reveal a ladder. Female jump up to it, then climb up.

    3. Head to the left and look through the telescope. Focus on Norrington, then follow him to the right. After the cutscene, head back right and destroy the objects on the ship to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a catapult, causing the monkey to reveal more LEGO pieces on the right. Build them into a wood pile, then place them onto the catapult and turn the crank to fire the wood pile towards the fire. Hop left across the poles and female jump onto the railing, lowering a plank to area 1. Head back right and drop down into the cellar.

    2. Build the LEGO pieces into a mirror, reflecting the light to the left. Hop onto the platforms and turn the cranks to reflect the light to the left, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a mirror and a rotary handle, then turn the rotary handle, lighting the TNT and revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a beam, then cross it. Grab the wood pile and head back left, placing it on the green pad. This reveals a mirror. Pick it up and place it in the slot, then turn the rotary handle to the light reflects off of the mirror and up onto the surface. Head up the stairs.

    1. Grab the wood pile from the left and place it on the green pad, as well as the other from area 3. You should now have all three woodpiles. Build the LEGO pieces onto the fire, ending the level.

Unlocked Characters: Elizabeth (Undergarments)