Free Play Mode

Area 1: Box of Bombs: This is found as part of the story.

             Egg: This is found as part of the story.

             Ship in a Bottle 1: Use the super strength handle on the right to pull open the crate, revealing this.

             Crank: Use Blackbeard's Sword to open the gate to the right, then head into the room. Destroy the silver objects blocking the stairs, then climb up. A skeleton will be holding this.

             Ship in a Bottle 2: After collecting the crank, pick it up and head back down the stairs. Place the crank in the slot, then turn it to lower the ground around this.

             Ship in a Bottle 3: After collecting Ship in a Bottle 1, head back up the stairs and shatter the glass to reach this.

             Ship in a Bottle 4: On the upper level, use Blackbeard's sword on the far left, then use the super strength handles to fire the 2 cannons.

Area 2: Ship in a Bottle 5: Destroy the skeletons by the cannons to knock their skulls off. Use them to plug up the 4 cannons, revealing this.

             Ship in a Bottle 6: Craft the winch together, then turn the crank to reveal a chest. Use Blackbeard's sword to open it.

             Ship in a Bottle: This is on the left side of the ship.

             Ship in a Bottle 7: See above.

             Barrel: This is on the left.

             Ship in a Bottle 8: On the stern of the Revenge, grapple up, then female jump onto the rope. Cross the beam to reach this.

             Dragon Firework: This is on the stern.

             Skull: Use the super strength handle by Blackbeard to open the door, then head inside. This is on the right.

             Ship in a Bottle 9: After finding the skull, climb the wall to knock down LEGO pieces. Build them into a box, then push it to the right. Use Blackbeard's Sword to open the cabinet, revealing this.

             Red Jewel: Head into the cabin below Blackbeard, then destroy the silver chest to reveal this.

             Ship in a Bottle 10: After finding the red jewel, place it on the record player to open the curtains, revealing this.