Story Mode

Boss: The Spaniard
Starting Characters: Privateer Barbossa, Jack Sparrow (Waistcoat)
True Pirate: 65,000

    1. Push the box to the right, then use the lever to lower another box to the ground. Push it to the right to tilt the ship, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a ladder, then climb up. Climb the net on the left to pull down LEGO pieces from the ceiling. Build them onto the tiled floor, then destroy the gold chest to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a harp, then push it along the tiles. For the right side, destroy the large chest to reveal the LEGO pieces for the tiles, then use the roller switch to lower a piano. Push it along the tiles. This will slide a chest out from under the bed. Smack the chest, then place it on the green pad. Use the telescope to follow The Spaniard on the horse.

    2. Hop across the beams and platforms to reach the other side of the river. Continue along the path, then throw a poisonous frog at the Spaniard on top of the door, opening it. Continue into the camp, then destroy everything to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into plates and chairs, then place the chicken on the spit. Turn the crank to cook the chicken, then pick it up and place it on the green plate. Grab the ropes to ring the dinner bell, opening the gate on the left. Continue left, then head up to the cannon. Use the lever to rotate the cannon into position, then switch to your partner and light the cannon. Use the cannon to destroy the four hinges, then the center bar on the door, knocking it down. Continue along the path. You are now going to have to find three boxes of LEGO pieces. Two can be found on the left and right by destroying piles of LEGO objects, and the third can be found by using Jack's Compass. Place the boxes on the green pads, then build the LEGO pieces into the bridge. Cross it.

    3. Grab a chalice to start the fight with The Spaniard (clever name huh?). Hit him, then lure him into throwing bombs at the silver objects. Once he destroys one, he will hop down again. Hit him to cause him to jump back up, then repeat this process until he has one heart left. Time to make your escape. Build the piles of LEGO pieces into a green pad, a crank, and a grapple. The grapple will latch onto the palm tree. Grab the crank and place it on the green pad, then turn the crank to lower the tree to the ground. Pick up the chairs on the sides of the tent and place them on top of the tree, then sit on them to escape The Spaniard.

Unlocked Characters: Privateer Barbossa
                                  The Spaniard (200,000)