Story Mode

Enemies: Cannibal
Starting Characters: Will Turner, Mr. Gibbs
Added Characters: Jack Sparrow (Chief), Guard Dog
True Pirate: 60,000

    1. Swing left to cut the ropes, then jump across the gap and head up the path on the right. Step on the switches to open the gate. Continue right, then destroy the boxes to reveal a wall up top. Head back through the tunnel and climb the wall, then follow the path and hop in the wheel. Use it to raise the ramp, then hop the gap. Grab the rope, then hop into a socket on the rotating gear. Ride it up to the ledge, then head right and head into the wheel. Switch to your partner and hop into a socket on the gear. Your partner will use the wheel to rotate the gears. Switch gears to reach the ledge, then smash through the rocks to reveal a tunnel. Head down it to clear a path for your partner, then continue up the path to right through the village. Step on the switches to open the gate, then continue right.

    2. Head down the cliff face, avoiding the spears. Cross the bridge.

    3. You are now out of your cage and Jack Sparrow (Chief) has been added to your party. Use Jack's Compass to find a bone, then give it to the Guard Dog to add him to your party. Use Jack's Compass to reveal a box, then dig it up and place it on a green pad. Swim to the right and dig up LEGO pieces, then build them into a beam. Grab the box near the palm tree, then cross the beam and place the box on the other green pad. Build the LEGO pieces into a wall, then climb up. Craft the mechanism to raise a rope, then use it to cross the gap. Grab the rope to destroy the barrier, then continue to the gate. Smash through it, then head over to the Black Pearl.

Unlocked Characters: Jack Sparrow (Chief)
                                 Hungry Cannibal (5,000)
                                 Angry Cannibal (5,000)
                                 Captain Bellamy (5,000)
                                  Governor Weatherby Swann (5,000)