Story Mode

Boss: Crab, Jack Sparrow (Waistcoat)
Starting Characters: Jack Sparrow (Waistcoat), Norrington (Disgraced), Elizabeth (Trader)
Added Characters: Will Turner, Pintel, Ragetti
True Pirate: 80,000

    1. Use Jack's compass to reveal four chests on the starting island, then dig them up using the shovel on the left. One of the chests that you dig up will be LEGO pieces. Dig them up and build them onto the catapult. Now to get to the back island for the final chest. Climb the tree and grab the bar, lowering the coconut to the ground. Pick it up and place it on the catapult, then use the lever to fire it, removing the starfish from the ship. Use the grapple to reach the upper deck, then cross the beam to the right. Use Jack's Compass to find the final chest, revealing a giant crab to fight. Head towards the crab so you are thrown back to the starting island, then turn the wheel on the catapult so it's facing the crab. Grab two more coconuts and fire then at the crab to defeat it. Hop across the platforms the crab makes and dig up the chest, then smack it.

    2. You are now in control of Norrington (Disgraced) and Will Turner. Head up the path and smack the pig, then hit Jack when he hops out. Build the LEGO pieces on the left into a gear, then pick it up and place it on the green pad to the right. Pull the lever to reveal a smith's hammer. Use it to craft the mechanism on the left, opening the door to the mill.

    3. Hit the target to lower a beam, then walk up. Pull the lever to lower a beam, then switch to your partner and walk up. Your partner should stop using the lever once you reach teh second ledge, allowing you to climb another beam. Hop onto the railing, lowering a ladder, then hop onto the ledge with Jack. Smack him, then head out the gate to your right.

    2. Grab a torch, then shimmy across the edge. Climb the wall and use the torch to light the barrel of TNT, allowing you to reenter the mill. 

    3. Hit the target to lower a wall. Climb up, then exit.

    2. Follow Jack down the beams, then hit him twice more.

    4. This is an interesting boss fight. Wait for Jack to get rolled to the top, then smack his legs to drop him down into the center. Use the platforms to reach him, then hit him. Repeat this twice more and Jack will hop out onto the wheel itself. Smack him two more times.

    5. You are now in control of Pintel and Ragetti. Defeat the five Dutchman crew members whose portraits are on screen to end the level.

Unlocked Characters: Norrington (Disgraced)
                                  Elizabeth (Trader)
                                  Angler (15,000)
                                  Hadras (15,000)
                                  Crash (15,000)