Story Mode

Starting Characters: Captain Barbossa, Jack Sparrow
Added Characters: Captain Elizabeth, Guard Dog
True Pirate: 20,000

    1. You are going to have to round up the other six pirate lords. Let's start with Ammand. Pull the levers to reveal LEGO pieces, then build them onto the statue. Ammand will then head up to the meeting. Head to the left to reach Gentlemen Jocard. Grab the gear and place it in the green pad, then push the rotary handle to raise the cannon up. Use Jack's compass to find a torch, then use it to light the cannon. Shoot the silver locks on the chest to reveal Jocard's hat. He will then join the meeting. Drop down to Mistress Ching. You are going to need to find three different hairstyles. Use Jack's Compass to reveal one, then cross the beam to find another. Push the rotary handle to reveal the third. Place them on the green pads and Mistress Ching will join the meeting. Head down to the start and head right, then hop up the walls to reveal Sri Sumbhajee. Grab the chains to start a dance party, then copy the women's moves to send Sri Sumbhajee to the meeting. Drop down and head right to reach Chevalle. Use the wheel and chain to complete the ball puzzle, then place the barrel on the green pad. Use the lever to pour a glass of rum, sending Chevalle up to the meeting. Head back left and ride the lift up, then head right. Use Jack's Compass to find a crank, then place it in the slot. Turn the cranks to raise Eduardo up, sending him to the meeting. Once you have sent all pirates to the meeting, hop in the nearest elevator and use the levers to head up. Head right and use the levers to open the door. Head inside.

    2. Captain Elizabeth has been added to your party. Head left through the door.

    3. Smack the statues to reveal a bone. Head back right.

    2. Give the bone to the dog to add him to your party. Head back left.

    3. Dig up the wood to reveal an opening in the ground. Head down the stairs and head through the travel chute, then grab the chain to open the cell door. Grab the Pirate Code and carry it up the stairs and to the right.

    2. Place the Code on the green pad to end the level.

Unlocked Characters: Captain Elizabeth
                                  Mistress Ching (25,000)
                                  Eduardo Villanueva (25,000)
                                  Gentlemen Jocard (25,000)
                                  Ammand the Corsair (25,000)
                                  Captaine Chevalle (25,000)
                                  Sri Sumbhajee Angria (25,000)