Free Play Mode

Area 1: Ship in a Bottle 1: After building Ammand's statue, destroy it (it's silver) to reveal this.

             Skull: This is on the left, near the plank.

             Barrel: This is on the docks on the bottom.

             Ship in a Bottle 2: After finding the barrel, head right and use the sword switch to reveal a target. Hit it to lower the path, then grab the torch and light the cannon. Use it to shoot the targets, revealing this.

             Super Strength Handle: This is by Capitaine Chevalle.

             Ship in a Bottle 3: After finding the Super Strength Handle, use it to reset the puzzle. Solve it again to reveal this.

             Ship in a Bottle 4: After raising Eduardo Villanueva, use Blackbeard's sword on the ship to lower it to the water. Hop in a rowboat and row to the right to find an alcove with this inside.

             Crank: This is found as part of the story.

             Ship in a Bottle 5: After completing the dance puzzle with Sri Sumbhajee Angria, female jump onto the chains to start a new puzzle. Complete it to reveal this.

             Torch: This is found as part of the story.

             Ship in a Bottle 6: After opening the chest by Gentleman Jocard, destroy it to reveal a travel chute. Head through it to reach this.

             Wig: This is found as part of the story.

             Ship in a Bottle 7: After Mistress Ching leaves, a target will appear by the elevator. Hit it to lower a bar, then swing up to this.

             Barrel Ride: This is to the left of the place where the Pirate Lords meet. 

             Ship in a Bottle 8: After finding the Barrel Ride, hop in it to ride the water slide. When you crash, this will appear.

Area 2: Cabinet: Destroy the silver rubble, then head through the opening. Use Jack's Compass to find it.

             Ship in a Bottle 9: After finding the cabinet, shatter the glass to reveal this.

Area 3: Ship in a Bottle 10: Travel through the algae to reach this.