Free Play Mode

Area 1: Ship in a Bottle 1: Destroy 5 clams. 1 is in this area, 3 are in area 2, and the final one is in area 3.

            Clams: This is on the right.

             Chest: Destroy the silver rubble on the right, then head further up the deck. Smack this to register it.

             Ship in a Bottle 2: Smashing the chest will release a stream of water. Ride it up to this.

             Ship in a Bottle 3: After collecting Ship in a Bottle 2, head right through the algae to reach this.

             Fish: This is on the ledge by the plank.

Area 2: Ship in a Bottle 4: Use a torch to light the cannons, then use them to shoot the 10 barrels of TNT, revealing this.

             Ship in a Bottle 5: Use a lantern to scare away the tentacles in 4 barrels. All 4 are in this area.

             Crab: This is on the second level.

             Ship in a Bottle: Shatter the glass on the bottom level.

             Ship in a Bottle 6: After shattering the glass, head left to find this.

             Travel Chute: This is in the prison cell.

             Ship in a Bottle 7: After finding the travel chute, crawl through it to reach this.

Area 3: Ship in a Bottle 8: Female jump up to the ledges on the stern of the Flying Dutchman, allowing you to collect this.

             Winch: This can be crafted on Sao Feng's ship.

             Ship in a Bottle 9: This appears after crafting the winch.

             Crank: Destroy the silver rubble on Sao Feng's ship, then head up the stairs. Slide down the rope to knock this down.

             Ship in a Bottle 10: After knocking down the crank, pick it up and place it in the slot. Turn it to open the door, then walk inside. Destroy the table on the left to reveal this.