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Story Mode

Enemies: Extremis Soldiers
Boss: Aldrich Killian, Mandarin
Starting Characters: Tony Stark, Captain America
Added Characters: Iron Man (Mark 1), Iron Man (Mark 42)
True Believer: 140,000

    1. In order to continue, you are going to have to put the shields down. Throw your shield at the shiny objects above the doorway, then throw it into the Shield switch. This will open the doorway. Destroy everything in the room and you will reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a Smart Person panel, then use it to power off the shields. They will be powered down, but for a brief periods of time. Time your movements so you get across them. Stand on the beam deflection panel to deflect the beam back at the machine that fires at you, destroying it. Build the LEGO pieces into a Smart Person panel, then use it to send a robot onto the slot. Follow the arrow to find the slot. Hop into the slot to add Iron Man (Mark 1) to your party. Head back left and destroy the shiny object over the door, then use the Shield switch to open it. Hop in the elevator and stand on the buttons to raise it up.

    2. Head to the right and pull the lever to reveal a large square robot. Use the Smart Person panel on the near side to move it to the lever. Captain America will then jump on it. It will then return to its starting position. Switch to Captain America and walkthrough the flames, then destroy the computer to shut off the lasers, allowing you to join Iron Man (Mark 1). Continue to the right, then destroy the silver clasps on the door to open it. Swing up the bars, then head right and hop on the hanging bar. This will power up the fan, allowing you to join your partner. Head to the right, then destroy the silver object on the wall to shut off the fans. Drop down, then continue to the right. Destroy the silver clasps on the door to open it, then jump up the wall and into the next level. Push the rotary handle to reveal a silver panel. Destroy it to reveal beams. Head back left and destroy the box in the center to reveal a Beam Deflection panel. Use it to direct the beams onto the blue panels. Once both panels are charged the door will open. Walk inside, then deflect the beam back into the machine to destroy it. Build the LEGO pieces into hanging bars, then hang on them to charge up the door panels, opening it. Once inside, use the Shield switches in the back to send beams onto the panels, charging them up. Destroy the box in the center to reveal a beam deflection panel. Use it to charge the last panel, restoring JARVIS' systems to normal. Hop on the pad to add Iron Man (Mark 42) to your party. Use the Mark 42's laser to cut through the gold panel, then fly up the tube.

    3. Time for the boss fights. Defeat the Extremis soldiers and Aldrich Killian will appear. Hit him to take out one of his hearts. Mandarin will then appear and put you under a spell. Switch to your other character and hit him to make his disappear. Repeat this process until Killian's hearts are gone. Mandarin will then hop in the Hulk Buster armor and fly down to you. Defeat the Extremis soldiers, then start hitting the armor. JARVIS will eventually call in air support and more Iron Man suits will come to distract it. Eventually, all the suits will be destroyed, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a shield switch, then use it to bring the armor to the ground. Destroy the gold back of the armor to defeat it, ending the level.

Unlocked Characters: Iron Man (Mark 1)
                                    Iron Man (Mark 42)
                                    Tony Stark

Characters Available for Purchase: Aldrich Killian (150,000)
                                                         Mandarin (100,000)