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Story Mode

Boss: Vulture
Starting Characters: Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic
True Believer: 40,000

    1. Destroy the desk in the center to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a Smart Person panel, then use it to connect the pipe, shutting off the security system. Head into the room to start the Vulture boss fight. Build the LEGO pieces into a bird house, electrocuting Vulture when he lands on it. Build the LEGO pieces into a grate, then travel through it to reach a ledge. Grab onto the hanging bar, then swing up to the opposite ledge and hang on the bar. This will reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a cardboard image of Iron Man, causing Vulture to charge. Continue to build the LEGO pieces into images of heroes, causing Vulture to charge at them, damaging him. When he has one heart left, use the Fantastic Four panel to turn into a nest, trapping Vulture and ending the level.

Characters Available to Purchase: Vulture (150,000)
                                                        Howard the Duck (25,000)