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Story Mode

Enemies: Frost Giant
Boss: Malekith
Starting Characters: Thor, Loki
True Believer: 25,000

    1. Let's start by going after Malekith. Destroy the rock by you to reveal a pool. Freeze it to create a catapult. Use telekinesis to launch a projectile at Malekith. Head left and walk up the ramp, then build the LEGO pieces into an Electric panel. Charge it up to power the heater, melting the ice. Put out the fires, then destroy the super strength pad to reveal a block. Use telekinesis to create a block, then hop up and continue right. Use telekinesis to partially open the gate. Now, we can head to the left and deal with Laufey. Fly up onto the ledge and smash the super strength pad to reveal a rotary handle. Turn it to create an opening. Walk up the stairs, then fly up onto the large block, pushing it down so Loki can get raised up. Use telekinesis to open the gate all the way. This is the Malekith boss fight. He will stand on a rock platform. Use Mjolnir to destroy the platforms, causing him to come down to Earth. Hit him to take out one heart. He will then hop onto another rock platform. Repeat this process to defeat him, ending the level.

Characters Available to Purchase: Malekith (250,000)
                                                        Laufey (250,000)