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Story Mode

Enemies: Hydra Soldier
Starting Characters: Hawkeye (A:AOU), Black Widow (A:AOU)
Added Characters: Hulk (A:AOU), Iron Man (Mk43), Captain America (A:AOU), Thor (A:AOU)
True Avenger: 150,000

    1. Use Hawkeye to destroy the silver boxes, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a generator, then use Black Widow to charge it, destroying part of the tower. Use Black Widow to scan, revealing a grapple point. Use Hawkeye to shoot a rope at it, allowing you to cross the gap. Head to the right, then defeat the enemies (you can use the technology panel to charge up the cannon if you want). Use Hawkeye to destroy the gold part of the truck, revealing a Team-Up spot. Use the panel as Hawkeye to reach the next area.

    2. You are now in control of Hulk (A:AOU) and Iron Man (Mk43). Head right, then cut through the gold chains holding up the logs. This will cover the electrified bridge, allowing both characters to cross. Use the super strength handle on the gate panel to reveal gold objects. Cut through both gears to lower the barrier. Continue on down the path.

    3. You are now in control of Captain America (A:AOU) and Thor (A:AOU). Hit the Hydra goon flying on the right to reveal a cracked block. Hit it with Mjolnir (Thor's hammer) to reveal an opening. Hop into it, then continue right down the path. Extinguish the fires and destroy the glowing boxes to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a drill, then hop in to reveal a cracked block. Smash it, then continue along the path. Head through the trench, extinguishing the fires in your way, then destroy the glowing jeep to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a shield switch, then hit it to lower the lasers. Continue right, then team up Captain America with Thor to destroy the Hydra truck. 

    4. You are in control of Captain America (A:AOU). Change characters.

    5. You are in control of Iron Man (Mk43). Fly around and defeat 10 enemies, then switch back to Cap.

    4. You have to eliminate three turrets. Start by extinguishing all of the fires in the center of the area. Build the LEGO pieces Iron Man gave you into a rotary handle, then turn it to power the lever to your right. Pull it to remove the debris on the stairs, then climb up. Head left and destroy the first turret, then drop down into the hole. Build the LEGO pieces into a ladder so you can return to the ledge, then head left and destroy the second turret. Head back right and climb the ladder, then head right and destroy the glowing boxes. Build the LEGO pieces into bars, then hop up and head right. Drop down, then follow the path down to the final turret. Destroy it, then head through the open door in front of you to end the level.

Unlocked Characters: Black Widow (A:AOU)
                                  Bruce Banner (A:AOU)
                                  Captain America (A:AOU)
                                  Hawkeye (A:AOU)
                                  Hulk (A:AOU)
                                  Iron Man (Mk43)
                                  Thor (A:AOU)
                                  Tony Stark (A:AOU)