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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Fly up to the top of Stark Tower, then charge the generator to reveal this.

Area 2: Canister 2: This is inside of a stud ring.

Area 3: Red Power Brick: Talk to The Collector on top of the building in the center and he will ask you for a wig. Head to the right and use telekinesis to remove the debris from the store, allowing you to go inside and grab the wig. Give the wig to The Collector to receive this.
            Canister 3: Repair the police car by your starting point, then hop in. Follow the stud trail to reach this.

            Canister 4: Use cosmic powers on the Roxxon truck on top of the building to reveal a box. Destroy it to reveal this canister.

            Canister 5: Put out the fires on the left, then build the LEGO pieces into a grapple point. Use it to open the doors, allowing you to collect this.

            Canister 6: Destroy 3 silver fire hydrants to reveal this.

            Character Token 1: Smash the cracked block on the right to reveal this.

            Canister 7: Destroy a blue car to reveal a grate, then travel through it to reach this.

Area 4: Canister 8: Destroy the green car by your starting point to reveal a grate. Travel through it, then use cosmic powers to reveal a dig site. Dig up three statues, then use telekinesis to place them on the clock, revealing this.

            Canister 9: Use telekinesis on 3 flowerpots.
            Character Token 2: After teaming up Captain America and Thor near the fire truck, shatter the glass window on it to reveal this.

            Canister 10: While deflecting Iron Man's laser, destroy 3 ships in a row.

            Stan Lee in Peril: After falling down, scan to reveal a grapple point. Use it to clear the rubble, then destroy the car to rescue Stan Lee.

            Character Token 3: After falling down, head towards the screen and use telekinesis on the bathtub to reveal this.

Token Characters: Detroit Steel (350,000)
                             America Chavez (70,000)
                             Abomination (75,000)
Red Power Brick Extra: Unlimited Avengers Team-Up Moves (500,000)