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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: There are 5 moles that you need to destroy. You will need to be a short distance away from them to get them to appear. One is to the right of the gold panel, in the area behind it. The second is in the far back right, partially hidden behind the tree. The third is in the back left towards the left cement mixer. The fourth is on the left by the crowd. The fifth is is the front left. Destroy all 5 to reveal this.

            Canister 2: Use telekinesis on the plants in the back right to reveal this.

            Canister 3: Use cosmic powers in the back right to reveal a generator. Charge it to power the sprinkler, revealing this.

            Canister 4: Destroy the flags on the arch in the back, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a speed boost panel, then use it to reach this.

            Canister 5: Hop on the swing on the left, eventually revealing this.

            Stan Lee in Peril: Scan on the left to reveal a grapple point, then use it to reveal this.

            Canister 6: Head left from your starting point, then dig up a lawnmower. Repair it to mow down the flowers, revealing this.

Area 2: Canister 7: Destroy 3 gold satellite dishes to reveal this. One is right of your starting point, another is visible behind the greenhouse, and the third is on the right side of the final rooftop.

            Canister 8: This is hidden behind the ventilation shaft to the right of the first set of stairs. Simply fly over the shaft to reach it.

            Canister 9: Use the technology panel on the satellite on the second rooftop to reveal this.

            Canister 10: Destroy a glass window on a building to the right. This can be done by taking a long shot from the first rooftop. Destroying the window will open up the room, allowing you to fly inside and claim this.