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Story Mode

Enemies: Klaue Henchman
Boss: Black Knight (Augustine du Lac), Klaw (Classic)
Starting Characters: Black Panther, Shuri
True Avenger: 70,000

    1. We need to head through the door on the right. Head up the stairs and destroy the glowing plants in the center to raise up the flower. Destroy it to reveal a dig site, then dig up LEGO pieces. Build them into a rotary handle, then push it to align one of the statue's paws. Destroy the tapestry on the left to reveal LEGO pieces for another rotary handle. Push it to align the other paw, revealing a cracked wall. Smash it to reveal a technology panel. Use it to align the three purple symbols in the center, opening the door to the right. Continue right, then double jump onto the two bars to switch the turbines, allowing you to continue. If you want to head back left, you can grab the bars again to reverse them. Continue right, then hop on the moving platforms. Continue right, then head up the stairs to the back. Smash through the cracked wall to reveal a wall we'll use later. Destroy the glowing plants to the right to reveal sockets. Use Shuri to throw spears into them, then hop up the wall on the left and swing across the poles to reach the opposite platform. Turn the valve  to shut off the waterfall, revealing a dig site below. Dig up LEGO pieces, then build them into a technology panel. Use it and select the Black Panther symbol, then select the pipes to rotate them. Arrange them so the green reaches the Black Panther symbol on the right. This will power the monorail, allowing you to continue.

    2. Time to take on the Black Knight. Avoid his ground pounds until he flees, calling in enemies. Defeat the enemies and Black Knight will hop out again. Avoid his spin attacks until he drops his sword, then smack him to take out a heart. Repeat this process to take out two more hearts, defeating him. He will be thrown through the force field in the back, allowing you to continue. Head to the back and head up the left stairs. Grab the bar to partly power the statue, then destroy the boxes by the base of the right stairs. Destroying the boxes will reveal a button. Step on it to raise up the third socket on the right. Throw spears into the three sockets, then swing up the poles to grab the other bar. Grabbing both bars will open the panther's mouth, allowing you to continue. Continue along the path to reach Klaw (Classic). Klaw is a pretty easy fight. Smack him twice and he will flee behind the force field. Avoid his laser and sonic attacks and he will entangle you in a rope. Follow the button prompts to escape and take out another heart. He will then hop back into the force field, sending in enemies. Defeat them and Klaw will engage you again. Repeat this process twice more to defeat him and end the level.