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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Supply Box 1: This is on the left.

            Supply Box 2: This is on the right.

            Supply Box 3: This is above a log. It is in clear view when you head towards the waterfall.

Area 2: Amber Brick: Rescue 5 workers. The first can be pulled out of the grass near the start, and the other 4 are rescued to progress through the level.

            Supply Box 4: Track the object on the left of your starting point, revealing the LEGO pieces for this.

            Supply Box 5: Dig up LEGO pieces, then build them into a harpoon gun. Turn the crank to reel this in. 

            Supply Box 6: Head through a small opening in the grass, then scare away the pack of Compsognathus. Build the LEGO pieces into this.

            Supply Box 7: After prying open the log, head to the left to reach this.

            Supply Box 8: Use Dilophosaurus to destroy the black rock surrounding this.

            Supply Box 9: In the final grass clearing, destroy the plants towards the bottom of the opening, then use a Velociraptor to track the scent. Destroy the picnic basket, then build the LEGO pieces into this.

            Supply Box 10: Cut through the foliage on the right side of the final clearing, then pry open the rock and head into the dark alcove to reveal this.

Minikit Model: Parasaurolophus (Skeleton)
Amber Brick: Parasaurolophus