Free Play Mode

Area 1: Supply Box 1: Charge 3 lights to reveal this. The first is by the entrance. The second is to the left of the crate with the banana. The third is on the left by the Triceratops cage.

            Supply Box 2: Hop onto the top of the Pachycephalosaurus cage, then build the LEGO pieces into this.

            Supply Box 3: Use the Dilophosaurus to destroy 3 black rocks. The first is to the left of the rock face you charge into. The second is on the left by the Triceratops cage. The third is on the right by the Stegosaurus cage.

            Supply Box 4: To the right of rock face you charge into, scan to open the cage, allowing you to reach this.

            Supply Box 5: After freeing the adult Stegosaurus, head into the cage and examine the droppings to find this.

            Supply Box 6: Destroy the objects on the back right, revealing a travel chute. Crawl through it to reach this.

            Supply Box 7: After freeing the baby Stegosaurus, it will head left, clearing the path. Head down the path and scare away the pack of Compsognathus, then grow the plant to reveal this.

Area 2: Supply Box 8: This is on the left side, at the end of the first stud trail.

Area 3: Amber Brick: Hop the blocks on the trailer to reach the roof, where this is. 

            Supply Box 9: Use a Velociraptor to track the scent from the left, revealing this.
            Supply Box 10: Destroy the plants on the right, then dig this up.

Minikit Model: Compsognathus (Skeleton)
Amber Brick: Compsognathus