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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Supply Box 1: Charge up 3 lights to reveal this.

             Supply Box 2: Pry open the gate on the left, then examine the droppings to reveal this.
             Supply Box 3: Shoot the 4 small red alarms to reveal this.
             Supply Box 4: There are two large spotlights above the raptor cage. You shoot the target on the one on the left to reveal tiles. Shoot the one on the right twice to destroy it, revealing this.

Area 2: Supply Box 5: Destroy 4 large rocks, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into sandcastles. All 4 are in this area. The first is on the upper left ledge, accessible by female jumping onto the skeleton on the left. The second is by the skeleton on the right. The third is on the right, near the foliage. The fourth is on the right by the trailer.

             Supply Box 6: Female jump onto the skeleton on the right, allowing you to reach this.

             Amber Brick: Head into the dark cave to reach this.

             Supply Box 7: Cut through the foliage to the left of the trailer to reach this.

             Supply Box 8: Crawl through the travel chute in the blue tent, then destroy the boxes to reveal LEGO pieces. Track the meat to reveal more LEGO pieces, then build them into bellows. Hop on them to reveal this.

             Supply Box 9: After collecting Supply Box 8, scan on the right to open the box with this inside.

             Supply Box 10: Cut the lock on the box to the right of the trailer, then build the LEGO pieces into a Road Sweeper. Hop in and use it to sweep up 3 sand piles, all on the upper ledge. 

Minikit Model: Gallimimus (Skeleton)
Amber Brick: Gallimimus