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Story Mode

Enemies: Dilophosaurus
Starting Characters: Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm
Added Characters: Lex Murphy (Survivor), Alan Grant (Survivor)
True Survivor: 88,000

    1. Time to free Lex and Tim. Don't worry, the T-Rex will not chase you around this area; it seems interested only on tearing the car apart. Head to the left and cut through the foliage, then destroy the machine to reveal a wheel. Pick it up and place it in the slot, then turn it to drain the water. Build the LEGO pieces into a jack-in-a-box, then turn the crank, distracting the T-Rex. Dig up LEGO pieces, then build them into a jack. Jump on the button to raise up the car, allowing you to pull Lex out. Lex Murphy (Survivor) has been added to your party. Head to the right and shatter the glass on the jeep, then head left and build the LEGO pieces into a tow cable. Pull the chain to the left, hooking it onto the jeep. Head back to the jeep on the right and smack the tow cable, then attempt to pull Tim out.

    2. Alan Grant (Survivor) has been added to your party. Time to go get Tim. Head left and dig up a wheel, then pick it up and place it in the slot on the right. Turn it to open the storm drain, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a seesaw, then use it to throw Lex onto the tree. Female jump onto the bar, then swing right. Hit the target using Lex's baseball, then build the LEGO pieces into a ladder. Cut through the foliage to lower a vine, then swing across the gap. Hop up the blocks, then hit the target to lower branches. Walk across them, then cut through the foliage. Build the LEGO pieces into a trampoline, then bounce onto the vine. Hop onto the platform, then hop across the poles. Bounce from the mushroom to the ledge, then female jump up the wall. Hit the target to lower a vine, then cut through the foliage near the jeep. Shatter the glass, then hop inside the jeep.

    3. Drive along the path, moving to avoid the T-Rex's attacks.

Unlocked Characters: Ian Malcolm
                                  Lex Murphy
                                  Ellie Sattler (Raincoat) (85,000)
                                  Robert Muldoon (Raincoat) (80,000)

Unlocked Vehicles: Jurassic Tour Vehicle (50,000)