Isla Sorna Aviary

Red Power Bricks 

Red Power Brick 1: Use the hover switch to help the baby Pterandon reach the bottom, where this is. You can now purchase Score x6 for 3,000,000 studs.


Race 1: This is an air race that starts near the Dinosaur Call-In. 

Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1: Destroy 3 skeleton groups to reveal this. 

Gold Brick 2: Use the Hover switch on the catwalk to destroy the rubble in front of the door, then pry it open. Head left, then use the hover switch above the elevator to open the doors. 

Gold Brick 3: This is towards the water in an opening in the stone.

Gold Brick 4: Defeat 10 Troodons at the nesting site to reveal this.

Gold Brick 5: Hop off the diving board and fly through the 8 stud rings to collect this.

Photographic Locations 

Photographic Location 1: This is inside the building, towards the cliff.