Ankylosaurus Territory

Workers in Peril 

Worker in Peril 1: Pull him out from under the log to rescue him. You can now purchase Udesky (Alt) for 65,000 studs.

Red Power Bricks 

Red Power Brick 1: Return 3 eggs to the nest, which can be reached by charging into the tree, crating a bridge to this. Cut through the foliage to reveal one egg. The second egg is right by the scent that a Velociraptor can track. The third is behind a tree. You can now purchase Amber Brick Detector for 200,000 studs. 


Race 1: This is right by the fence.

Dinosaur Healings 

Dinosaur Healing 1: Examine the droppings to discover what the Ankylosaurus needs. Use the grapple point on the tree to reveal the mushroom. Head through the travel chute, then glide across the gap to reach this leaf. For the banana, use a Velociraptor to track the scent. 

Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1: Charge into the 4 cracked rocks to reveal this.

Gold Brick 2: Scare away the pack of Compsognathus, then dig this up.

Gold Brick 3: Shatter the amber to reveal this.