West Boardwalk

Red Power Bricks 

Red Power Brick 1: Use a large carnivore to rip off the lock in the enclosure, then hop up the ledge. Destroy the rocks to reveal LEGO pieces, then build them into a trampoline. Bounce up, then climb the ladder to reach this. You can now purchase Collect Ghost Studs for 100,000 studs.


Race 1: This is outside the building.

Race 2: This is inside the enclosure.

Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1: Use the clearance panel in the enclosure, then ride the elevator down. Shoot the electrical target to unleash the T-Rex, revealing this.

Gold Brick 2: Inside the enclosure, roar to shatter the amber around the Dinosaur Call-In, revealing this.

Gold Brick 3: Roar to shatter the amber in the enclosure by the gate, then solve the equation puzzle to release Gallimimus. Defeat the 4 of them to reveal this.

Gold Brick 4: Charge into the 4 cracked rocks to reveal this.

Gold Brick 5: Crawl through the pipe to reach this.

Photographic Locations 

Photographic Location 1: This is in plain sight inside the enclosure.