Safari Plains

Workers in Peril 

Worker in Peril 1: Roar to shatter the amber, scaring away the Gallimimus. You can now purchase Jurassic World Ranger for 40,000 studs.

Red Power Bricks 

Red Power Brick 1: Use a Velociraptor to pull the lever, releasing the awning. Female jump onto it, allowing you to collect this. You can now purchase Destroy on Contact for 100,000 studs.


Race 1: This is in the middle of the plains.

Dinosaur Healings 

Dinosaur Healing 1: Examine the droppings to reveal the food that the Gallimimus needs. Shoot the electrical targets to reveal the ice cream. Use the grapple point on the rocks to reveal the berries. Grow the plant to reveal the leaf.

Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1: Charge into 4 cracked rocks to reveal this.

Gold Brick 2: Use Dilophosaurus to destroy the black rock, then defeat 12 Compsognathus within the time limit to reveal this.

Photographic Locations 

Photographic Location 1: Track the scent to reveal the LEGO pieces for this.