Raptor Territory

Workers in Peril 

Worker in Peril 1: Pry open the door to rescue him. You can now purchase Dino Handler Vic for 40,000 studs.

Worker in Peril 2: Take a picture of the raptor to free Dr. Arnold. You can now purchase Ray Arnold for 125,000 studs.


Race 1: This is on the bottom ledge.

Gold Bricks

Gold Brick 1: Head through the travel chute, then slide down the rope to reach this.

Gold Brick 2: Shoot the two electrical targets to reveal a box. Use the grapple point to pull this out of the cage.

Gold Brick 3: Scan by the entrance to the paddock to open the gate, revealing a cracked wall. Charge through it to reveal this.

Gold Brick 4: Use the pounce bar on the crate to reveal Compsognathus. Defeat 12 within the time limit to reveal this.