After InGen Arrival

You are in control of Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen, Ian Malcolm (Isla Sorna), Roland Tembo, Robert Burke, and Kelly Malcolm. Follow the ghosts studs to find a sick Triceratops. You are going to have to feed it three food items. Head left and pry open the cave door, then step inside the dark alcove and grab the ice cream cone. Feed it to the Triceratops, then examine the droppings to find a berry. Track it, finding a banana. Feed it to the Triceratops, then head to the left of the cave door. Destroy the skeleton, then build the LEGO pieces into a seesaw. Use it to reach the upper ledge, then attack the mushrooms to drop a mushroom. Pick it up and feed it to the Triceratops. Once you have fed the Triceratops all of the food, it will be added to your party. Charge through the debris, then continue along the path. Pry open the rocks, then hop up and over the log. Continue along the path into the camp to start the next level.