Story Mode

Enemies: Enemy Pilot, Enemy Officer
Boss: Colonel Vogel
Starting Characters: Indiana Jones, Henry Jones
True Adventurer: 80,000

    1. Defeat the enemies and Colonel Vogel will appear. This is the Colonel Vogel boss fight. Throw bottles at him to take out his health. When he has two hearts left he will jump down to you. Hit him to take out his health, defeating him and triggering a cutscene.

    2. Attack the plane to reveal a box. Pick it up and place it on the green panel, then build the LEGO pieces into a fan. Ride the current up and over the fence, then use the Whip Pad to pull down the fence. Use the Whip Pad on the left to lower a ladder. Climb up, then head right across the roof. Destroy the clock to reveal a gear. Pick it up and place it in the lever to the right. Pull it to open the gate. Continue to the right, then destroy the outhouse door to reveal a shovel. Pick it up, then dig up a lift. Grab the rope to raise the lift, then catch a ride up to the roof. Head right and grab the rope, then hop onto the platform and over the fence. Walk through the arch.

    3. Head to the right and build the LEGO pieces onto the car. Destroy the nearby cart to reveal a steering wheel. Pick it up and place it in the car. Destroy the three tractors to reveal objects. Pick them up and place them on the ring next to the house, lowering a ladder. Climb up, then grab the wrench. Use it to fix the car, then hop in and drive it to the right. Eventually, you will come across a broken bridge. Use the Whip Pad to swing across the gap, then build the LEGO pieces onto the bridge. Hop in the car and drive through the silver fence.

    4. Head right and down the path, scaring a flock of birds as you reach the bottom. You are going to have to startle two more. Hop up the hanging bars to the right and grab the rope to swing onto the hanging bar. Hop up the ledges to scare another flock of birds. Hop down and grab the shovel near one of the beach huts. Head to the left, then dig up a treasure chest. Destroy it to reveal a key. Pick it up and place it in the slot, then turn it to create steps. Walk up, then grab onto the hanging bar on the ship. Hop inside, then head left to scare the last flock of birds, ending the level.

Unlocked Characters: Colonel Vogel (50,000)
                                    Enemy Pilot (25,000)