Free Play Mode

Area 1: Artifact 1: Destroy the silver clasps on the boats to free them. Hop in one, then head right. Hop into the alcove, then use the boxes as a boost to reach this Artifact.

             Artifact 2: Destroy the silver chains to open the gate, then walk inside. Break the glass on the left to reveal tiles. Pick them up and place them on the track, then pull the object along the tiles to reveal this Artifact.

Area 2: Artifact 3: Destroy 3 plants to reveal flowers, revealing this Artifact.

             Artifact 4: Destroy the silver bars around this Artifact, allowing you to collect it.

             Artifact 5: Walk into the barn near the exit to collect this Artifact.

Area 3: Artifact 6: This is behind the building immediately to your left.

             Artifact 7: Turn the key in the slot by the well to reveal this Artifact.

             Parcel: Destroy the boxes right of the windmill to reveal a key. Pick it up and place it in the slot, then turn it to reveal a box. Pick it up and place it on the green panel, then use it as a boost to reach the ledge. Pick up the Parcel and place it in the mailbox.

             Artifact 8: Repair the tractor in Area 4, then drive it out through the garage. Drive it over the three fields to reveal 3 carrots. This Artifact will appear over the bridge.

Area 6: Artifact 9: This is inside the room under the cannon on the far right.

             Artifact 10: Destroy the two glass circles in the ground to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into flowers, revealing this Artifact.

Artifact: Gilt Frame Portrait
Parcel Extra: Treasure x8 (4,000,000)