Free Play Mode

Area 1: Artifact 1: Push the drum on the left to the end of the tiles, then use it as a boost to reach this Artifact.

             Artifact 2: Destroy 3 silver tables to reveal this Artifact.

Area 2: Artifact 3: Head left and dig up an anvil, then destroy the silver bars to reveal an orange switch. Place the anvil on the switch to reveal this Artifact.

             Artifact 4: Use the Kali statue on the upper left ledge to send a balloon into the air. Grab on, then ride it to the awning with this Artifact on it.

             Artifact 5: Head to the right and destroy the silver trash cans to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a travel chute, then solve the hieroglyph puzzle to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a key slot, then travel through the travel chute and hop in the bucket. Switch to your partner and turn the key in the slot to move the bucket across the gap onto the ledge with this Artifact. Switch to your partner to claim the Artifact.

             Artifact 6: After using the travel chute to reach one of the car parts, destroy the objects on the ledge to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a door, which will open to reveal this Artifact.

             Artifact 7: While on the upper left ledge, bounce up the awnings above the exit to reach this Artifact.

Area 3: Artifact 8: After using the travel chute, use a female to jump onto the ledge with this Artifact on it.

             Artifact 9: Use the forklift to boost your partner onto the ledge above where the forklift is parked, allowing your partner to reach this Artifact.

             Artifact 10: Throw a sword at the rope on the left, opening the door. Once inside, use the Military panel to open the door with this Artifact inside.

             Parcel: After collecting Artifact 10, grab the rope to start the beam swinging. Climb the stairs and hop on, then grab the Parcel and place it in the mailbox.

Artifact: Jade Dragon
Parcel Extra: Treasure x4 (2,000,000)