Story Mode

Enemies: Thuggee, Thuggee Acolyte
Boss: Mola Ram
Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Kali), Willie (Ceremony), Short Round
True Adventurer: 80,000

    1. Run down the path, avoiding the water.

    2. Use the Whip Pad to swing across the gap, then grab the vine. Switch to your other characters and climb the vine, then hop on the ledge. Travel through the travel chute, then grab the key and return to the ledge. Place the key in the slot, then turn the key to extend a platform. Cross it to the right, then drop down and pull the lever to raise the lift. Hop on, then climb the vine. Hop left to the travel chute, then use the Whip Pad to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a hanging bar, then hop up. Climb up the rope, then grab the hanging bar and walk down the path.

    3. Head to the right, then defeat a Thuggee Acolyte and pick up their turban. Activate each of the Kali statues (use the Whip ad to lower the rope so you can get to one, then dig up the LEGO pieces for the travel chute) to reveal on object. Pick them up and place them in the slots to open the door. Walk through the opening.

    4. Head to the right, then hop across the pillars and use the Whip Pad to lower a set of steps. Hop over to it and walk up, then continue hopping across the pillars. Use the Whip Pad to swing across the gap, then destroy the boulder. Swing back across the gap and hop to the right, then travel through the travel chute. Destroy the boulder to lower the bridge. Cross it, then walk down the path and use a female to grab the rope on the left, then switch to your partner. Destroy the plants on the right to reveal a travel chute. Travel through it, then grab the rope to raise a button. Switch to your other partner and step on the button to open the door. Walk through the opening.

    5. This is the Mola Ram boss fight. Defeat the Thuggees and Mola Ram will appear. When he takes control of your character, quickly switch to another character and hit him to take out one heart. Some more Thuggees will appear, one with a sword. Pick up the sword and throw it at one of the supports to destroy it. Repeat this process until all of the supports are destroyed, ending the level.

Unlocked Characters: Mola Ram (50,000)
                                    British Officer (25,000)
                                    British Soldier (18,000)
                                    British Commander (30,000)