Free Play Mode

Area 1: Artifact 1: Grab the torch and hop in the snake pit, then head to the top left corner to grab this Artifact.

Area 2: Artifact 2: Throw your sword at the bridge on the left to lower it, then cross it and pick up the box. Cross the bridge and place the box on the orange switch, opening the door and revealing this Artifact.

             Artifact 3: After collecting Artifact 2, destroy the pots on the left to reveal an opening. Walk through it, then push the box on the right to the end of the tiles, revealing a turnstile. Push the green side to raise mirrors, redirecting the light to the large golden orb in the center. The orb will open, revealing this Artifact.

Area 3: Artifact 4: Turn the key on the left to reveal a rock wall. Destroy it, then destroy the smaller rock wall to reveal this Artifact.

             Artifact 5: Destroy the silver Anubis statue to reveal this Artifact.
Area 5: Artifact 6: Slide to the bottom of the rope, then jump into the alcove to collect this Artifact.

             Artifact 7: Destroy some pots and cobwebs on the main path to reveal an opening. Walk inside, then grab the rotating hanging bar. Hop onto the one on the right, then the one to the upper left. Hop right and grab the hanging bar, then jump to the right and land on the ledge where this Artifact is. Cross the bridge that extends and walk back through the opening.

Area 6: Artifact 8: Grab the hanging bars above the 3 snake dispensers to close them, revealing this Artifact. IMPORTANT: You will not be able to collect this Artifact if you have moved the stone pillar to the upper left corner. Leave the pillar in place after you build it so you can collect this Artifact.

Area 7: Artifact 9: Destroy the rock wall left of the exit to reveal an opening. Walk through, then step on the button to lower the spikes. Cross quickly, then destroy the pot on the right to reveal a key. Pick it up and place it in the slot, then turn it to extend a bridge. Pick up the panels and stand on the platform to be raised up, then hop onto the bridge and cross it. Place the panels in the hieroglyph puzzle, then solve it to reveal this Artifact.

Area 8: Artifact 10: Use the Whip Pad near the lift to swing across the gap, then hop onto the rope and climb up. Grab the hanging bar, then hop into the alcove to collect this Artifact.

             Parcel: After collecting Artifact 10, destroy the yellow pots to reveal an opening. Walk through. Once inside, pull the lever in the back to reveal another room. Build the LEGO pieces on the right into a mailbox, then pull the lever on the left to start filling up the pool. Destroy the pot on the right to reveal a key, then build the LEGO pieces onto the pipes, filling up the pool more. Place the key in the slot and turn it, filling the pool and causing flowers to grow. Destroy all of the flowers to reveal this Parcel. Pick it up and place it in the mailbox.

Artifact: Anubis Statue
Parcel Extra: Fast Dig (50,000)