Free Play Mode

Area 1: Artifact 1: This is behind a tree to the left of your starting point.

             Artifact 2: Dig up 3 golden heads to reveal this Artifact.

Area 2: Artifact 3: This is to the left of where the large insects spawn.

             Artifact 4: After collecting Artifact 3, head across the ledges on the left to reach a lever. Pull it to lower the gate behind the waterfall. Swim under the waterfall, then head left and pull the lever. This will extend a platform, allowing you to reach this Artifact.

Area 3: Artifact 5: Walk around the ledge near the Whip Pad to reach this Artifact hidden behind the cliff.

Area 4: Artifact 6: Destroy the silver barrier on the right, then hop into the opening. Head right to run into this Artifact.

             Secret Character: In the same room as Artifact 6, destroy the brown object to uncover C-3PO.

Area 5: Parcel: Use the Kali statue to lower the spikes on the ledge below you. Drop down, then head left on the ledge. Break the glass to uncover the Parcel, then pick it up and place it in the mailbox.

             Artifact 7: On the same ledge as the Parcel, head left and solve the hieroglyph puzzle to extend a bridge. A head will crash through the boards, allowing you to walk inside. Cross the bridge and walk through the opening. Once inside, head left to reach this Artifact.

Area 6: Artifact 8: This is at the end of the path.

Area 7: Artifact 9: Head right from your starting point and shoot the eyes on the large head to open the mouth, allowing you to collect this Artifact.

             Artifact 10: This is on the far left side in the undergrowth.

Artifact: Giant Hovitos Idol
Parcel Extra: Fast Fix (30,000)