Free Play Mode

Area 1: Artifact 1: Use the Military panel on the right to open the door. Walk inside, then destroy the boxes to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them onto the boat, then hop in and steer it towards the ledge on the back. Hop onto it to reach this Artifact.

             Artifact 2: Swim down to reach this Artifact on the left side of the water.

             Artifact 3: Destroy the two silver hatches on the submarine to reveal buttons. Step on them to make this Artifact appear.

             Artifact 4: Travel through the travel chute on the ledge on the left to reach this Artifact.

Area 2: Artifact 5: Use the Military panel on the right to open the gate. Walk inside, then destroy the birthday cake to reveal this Artifact.

             Artifact 6: Dig up this Artifact in the horse pen.

             Artifact 7: Copy the pattern that is on the door near the truck to open the door, allowing you to collect this Artifact.

             Parcel: Solve the hieroglyph puzzle behind the truck to open a door. Walk inside, then destroy the box towards the bottom of the screen and build the LEGO pieces into tiles. Push the objects to the other end of the tiles, then climb the ramps and step on them as buttons. This will reveal the Parcel and some LEGO Pieces. Build them into a ramp, then pick up the Parcel, carry it up the ramp, and place it in the mailbox.

Area 3: Artifact 8: Head left and dig up some LEGO pieces, then build them into a camera. Push it to the end of the tiles, revealing this Artifact.

             Artifact 9: Head to the very back of the area and destroy the boxes in the alcove, then dig up this Artifact.

             Artifact 10: Solve the hieroglyph puzzle on the right to reveal an alcove with this Artifact.

Artifact: Ark of the Covenant
Parcel Extra: Artifact Detector (250,000)