Free Play Mode

Area 1: Artifact 1: Grab the rope left of the right fireplace to reveal this Artifact, then grab the rope on the right to lower the grate, allowing you to collect it.

             Artifact 2: Use a female to jump onto the hanging bar, then onto the ledge. Head right and destroy the boxes to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them onto the lever, then pull it to destroy the barrier around this Artifact.

Area 2: Artifact 3: Build 3 snowmen to make this Artifact appear.

             Parcel: Use the Military panel on the right to open the door. Walk inside, then climb the ladder on the right. Pick up the box and place it on the green panel. Build the LEGO pieces into a handle, then use the Whip pad to pull it, revealing Santa. Follow Santa out of the house, finding this Parcel outside. Pick it up and place it in the mailbox.

             Artifact 4: Destroy the silver bars in front of a door to open it. Walk inside and head right to collect this Artifact.

             Artifact 5: Dig up LEGO pieces near the Alpaca pen on the left, then build them into a snowmobile. Hop in and drive it through the 5 gates to reveal this Artifact.

Area 3: Artifact 6: Crawl through the travel chute, then use the Whip pad to swing across the gap, reaching this Artifact.

             Artifact 7: In the large cliff with the hanging bars, drop to the bottom and use explosives to destroy the ice around this Artifact.

             Secret Character: Right next to Artifact 7, use explosives to destroy the ice wall, freeing Luke Skywalker.

Area 4: Artifact 8: Solve the hieroglyph puzzle next to the exit to extend two blocks from the wall. Hop up them to this Artifact.

Area 5: Artifact 9: Bring a torch from Area 4 and place it in the brazier between the two pillars to light it, causing it to explode and reveal this Artifact.

             Artifact 10: On the ledge with the bazooka, head left and drop into the alcove. Fix the generator to open the gates, then head outside and destroy the basket by the entrance to reveal an object. Pick it up and place it in the machine in the alcove to reveal this Artifact.

Artifact: Nepalese Altar
Parcel Extra: Super Slap (25,000)