Venice Tunnel

This is the fifth bonus level. It can be accessed by shooting the targets on the road to Castle Brunwald, opening the gate in the water.

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones, Sallah (Fez)
True Adventurer: 23,000

    1. Head right and dig up the tile, then use your whip to grab the spear from the rack on the right. Throw it into the socket on the wall, then push the box to the right and hop up onto the ledge. Turn the crank to open the gate. Defeat the enemy and grab his gun, then shoot the target to start platforms moving in the water. Hop across them, then pull the lever to start a platform moving, Ride it onto the ledge, then hop across the platforms onto the back ledge. Hop across the moving platforms in the back, allowing you to reach the ledge with the Artifact.