Cliff Clamber

This is the fifth treasure level. It can be accessed by heading towards the bridge.

Required Characters: Anyone with a sword, Anyone with a spear
True Adventurer: 40,000

    1. Throw spears into the sockets on the right, then use them to cross the gap. Grab the railing and hop up, then use the rope to cross the gap. Throw your sword at the rope to open the trapdoor, then climb up. Destroy the rocks, then cross the gaps to the left. Step on the plunger to destroy the silver rocks, revealing a rope. Cut it with your sword, then catch a ride on the platform. Cross the moving platform to the left and grab TNT, then use it to destroy the silver rocks on the right. Cross the ropes to the right, then throw spears into the sockets. Hop up and head left, then throw spears into the sockets. Hop up, then throw a spear into the socket,allowing you to cross the gap and reach the Artifact.