Monkey Mischief

This is the second story level. It can be accessed by hopping into the raft and heading down the river until a stone dam stops you. Head left and into the village. 

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Dinner Suit), Willie, Short Round
True Adventurer: 39,000

    1. Repair the gear to repair the water wheel, causing a banana tree to grow. Grab a banana and throw it at the monkey on the right, then place the Sankara Stone he throws you into its spot. Head over to the grill and use the torch to light the grill. Ride the steam to the ledge, then whip swing across the gap. Push the box off of the ledge, then build the LEGO pieces into a platform. Turn the key to raise up your partners, then female jump onto the bar. Shimmy and jump right, landing on the rooftop. Throw a banana at the monkey, then place the Sankara Stone that he throws you into its slot. Return to the rooftop and jump onto the LEGO beams, crashing into the roof. Destroy the objects inside to reveal a sword and a key. Use the sword to cut the rope, then grab the key and head right. Smash the LEGO corner of the building to reveal LEGO pieces and a travel chute. Build the LEGO pieces into a through, then travel through the chute and hop into the trough. Switch to your partner and place the key into the mechanism, then turn it to move Short Round to the right. Smash the ladder, allowing your partner to join you. Use the whip handle to open the doors, allowing you to grab the shovel inside. Head back left and jump into the elephant pit, then dig up LEGO pieces. Dig them into a rotary handle, then push it to the left, opening the cage doors. Hop on the elephant and ride it to the right, "parking" it on the orange pad. This will open the gate. Throw a banana at the monkey and place the Sankara Stone in its slot to end the level.