Princess Rescue

This is the fifth bonus level. it can be accessed by throwing a sword at the rope on the left side of Pankot Palace, then build the LEGO pieces into a ladder. Climb up to reach the ledge with the door to this Bonus level.

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones, British Commander
True Adventurer: 9,000

    1. Grab the spears from the stands and throw them into the sockets on the right. Cross the water on the spears to reach the back ledge. Pull the lever to extend platforms, then climb the ladder and use the whip handle on the ledge to open the gate. Grab a shovel from the rack and use it to dig up silver rocks. Destroy them to reveal a wrench. Grab it, then fix the machine to start the platforms on the left moving. Head back left and cross the platforms, then hop up the railings and grab water bottles, using them to put out the fire. Pull the lever to extend a railing, then use it to cross the gap. Step on the buttons to reveal a platform, allowing you to collect the Artifact.