Lake Crypt

This is the second bonus level. It can be accessed by swimming to the small island in the middle of the lake. Female jump onto the roof, then grab the statue and place it on the green pad to open the door. 

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull), Mac
True Adventurer: 20,000

    1. Shoot the target to start moving the platforms in the water. Hop onto the ledge, then cross the gap to the right. Head down and to the left, then grab a spear from the rack. Head back up and pull the lever, moving a platform. Ride it up, then throw the spear into the slot. Head back and grab another spear, then throw it into the other slot. Hop up the spears, then head left. Use your whip to grab a shovel from the stand, then dig up LEGO pieces. Build them into tiles, then push the box to the left, allowing you to cross the gap and reach the Artifact.