Digger's Delight

This is the third bonus level. It can be accessed by digging up the large stone circle. 

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull), Mutt
True Adventurer: 25,000

    1. Grab a shovel from the rack, then dig up LEGO pieces. Build them into a ladder, then climb up. Dig up a chest, then destroy it to reveal a key. Pick it up and place it in the slot, then turn it to kill the soldier on the ledge. Use your whip to grab the water bottle on the ledge, then throw it at the center fire on the right, revealing a spear. Grab it, you'll need it for later. Head right and use the whip handle to start the platform moving. Cross the gap, then repair the generator to start a platform moving on the left. Head left and ride it up, then use the whip handle on the left to raise the ramp. Dig up a chest, then destroy it to reveal a torch. Use it to light the TNT, revealing a bicycle in the aftermath of the explosion. Head right and dive across the gap, then turn the crank to raise a platform. Head back left and hop into the bike, then ride it to the right and park it on the orange pad. This will raise a platform, allowing you to head back to the starting area. Throw the spears into the sockets, them hop up to reach this Artifact.