Cave Capers

This is the fifth bonus level. It can be accessed by swimming to the far left and hopping onto the platform. Throw spears into the sockets, then female jump onto the ledge with the entrance.

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull), Soldier
True Adventurer: 32,000

    1. Whip swing across the gap to the left, then turn the crank, raising a platform. Grab the water bottles and head right, then use them to put out all of the fires, including the one on the back ledge. Head right and whip swing across the gap, then turn the crank to raise a platform, allowing your partner to join you. Shoot the target on the right to open the gate, then head right. Hop across the platforms and grab a torch, then return left and use it to light the TNT. Step on the buttons to raise the platforms, then cross the gaps to the left to reach this Artifact.