Mirror Mayhem

This is the third treasure level. It can be accessed by heading into the tent in the Soviet camp.

Required Characters: Anyone with a Crystal Skull, Anyone with explosives
True Adventurer: 16,000

    1. Destroy the silver chains to lower the bridge, then cross it and pull the lever to reveal a beam of light. Head back across the bridge and destroy the silver box to reveal a mirror. Pick it up and place it on the statue, reflecting the light. Head left and destroy the silver box, then build the LEGO pieces onto the statue, rotating the statue so it reflects the light. Cross the pit and grab the mirror, then place it on the statue, reflecting the light. Destroy the silver box on the left, revealing a key. Pick it up and place it in the slot, then turn it to rotate the statue, reflecting teh light and revealing the Artifact. Destroy the silver bars surrounding it, allowing you to collect it.