Tomb Doom

This is the second story level. It can be accessed by heading right and pushing the box to the right. Continue right and grab the whip handle on the shed to open it, revealing a shovel. head left to the cemetery and dig it up, then head through the door. 

Boss: Cemetery Warrior
Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull), Mutt
True Adventurer: 60,000

    1. Head to the right and use the whip handle to open the door. Continue right and swing across the gap, then grab the shovel. Drop down and head right, then use the whip handle to reveal gears. Repair them to open the door to the right. Continue right, then dig up the statue head and carry it to the green pad on the right. Do the same with the other head, then head right and swing across the gap. Continue right, then destroy the statues to reveal two shields and a spear. Pick up the shields and place them on the casket, then grab the spear and throw it at the wall. Hop up to the ledge, then smash the statue to get the third shield. Place all three shields on the caskets to reveal the crystal skull. Pick it up, then chase the cemetery warrior back to the tomb entrance. Stay close to the Cemetery Warrior when he is in the scorpions, as the Crystal Skull drives away the bugs. Take out all of his health to end the level.