Temple Tussle

This is the fourth bonus level. It can be accessed by heading right from the Soviet camp and throwing spears into the wall sockets. Hang from them to open the door.

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull), Mutt
True Adventurer: 28,000

    1. Head towards the back and turn the crank to raise platforms. Hop left and right and repair the generators, creating light rays and opening the gate. Grab a key, then head back and turn the crank closest to the screen, raising platforms on the left and right. Head left and build the LEGO pieces into the tiles, then push the box to the end. Hop up and place the key in the slot, then turn it to create a light ray. Head right and use the whip handle to lower the barrier. Bounce up the trampolines and pull the lever to create another light ray. Power up all four light rays to start a platform moving. Ride it up to the Artifact.