Gorge in the Jungle

This is the fifth bonus level. It can be accessed by heading to the right of the Soviet camp and using your whip to grab the head statue. Place it on the slot to lower the spikes, allowing you to reach the door.

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull), Mac
True Adventurer: 14,000

    1. Grab a shovel from the left, then dig up the rest of the tiles. Build the LEGO pieces into the tiles, then push the box to the end. Hop over the fire, then use the water bottles to put out the fire. Use the whip handle to lower the platform, then head right and grab a bazooka. Use it to destroy the silver chest on the left, revealing a sword. Use it to cut the rope on the right, revealing a target. Shoot it to start a platform moving. Ride it up, then pull the lever to start another platform moving. Ride it up to this Artifact.