Interrogation Room

This is the fourth bonus level. It can be accessed by repairing the gear by the bunker in the army base, opening the door.

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull), General Ross
True Adventurer: 40,000

    1. Head right and whip swing across the gap, then turn the crank to raise a bridge, allowing your partner to join you. Destroy the silver chests to reveal a key, then pick it up and place it in the slot. Turn it to starting some platforms moving. Cross the gap, then whip swing across the lava. Head left and pull the lever to start a moving platform, then shoot the target on the far left to open the garage door. Return to the entrance, then grab the car and head right. Park the car on the orange panel, opening the gate above you. Hop up the ledges, then turn the crank to drain the lava, revealing this Artifact.