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Area 1: Slytherin Crest: Destroy 5 small orbs to reveal this. All 5 are in this area.

Area 2: Gryffindor Crest: Destroy 5 large orbs to reveal this. 2 are in the first hallway, 1 is in the small alcove in between the chases, and the final 2 are in the second hallway.

            Character Token 1: Use Wingardium Leviosa to assemble the two objects on the ground, then use Dark Magic to destroy it, allowing you to collect this.

            Character Token 2: Fill the container on the right with water, revealing this.

Area 3: Student in Peril: Dig her up on the right to rescue her.

            Hufflepuff Crest: Use Dark Magic to destroy 5 large black rocks, revealing this. All 5 are in this area.

Area 4: Ravenclaw Crest: Put out 10 small fires caused by the flaming serpent. You are going to have to cause the serpent to smack its head into the ground more than once to make 10 appear.

            Character Token 3: This is in plain sight on the right. 

Token Characters: Lucius (Death Eater) (250,000)
                             Hermione (Jumper) (125,000)
                             Fudge (Wizengamot) (200,000)