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Area 1: Character Token 1: Zap 5 garden gnomes to reveal this. All 5 are in this area.

            Ravenclaw Crest: Use Dark Magic to the right of the house, allowing you to enter the alley. Grab a pair of Spectrespecs, then use them to build a cement mixer. Use Wingardium Leviosa on it to reveal a chest. Zap it to reveal hedge clippers. Use them to trim the hedges, revealing this.

             Character Token 2: Dig up a purple pad on the left side of the house, then use Hermione's Bag to find a pot. Zap it to reveal this.

             Gryffindor Crest: Repair the tractor on the right, then use it to suck up the 5 patches of grass in the lawn, revealing this.

Area 2: Character Token 3: Use Dark Magic to open the door on the left, then head into the bathroom. Zap the cabinet above the tub to release bubbles. Zap them to lower LEGO pieces. Build them into the back of a toilet, then place it on the toilet. Use Wingardium Leviosa to flush it, revealing this.

             Slytherin Crest: After collecting Character Token 3, fill the container on the right with water, revealing this.

Area 3: Student in Peril: Use Dark Magic on the rocket to the left of the clown, allowing you to use the Weasley Box to put on a pair of Sticky Trainers. Use them to climb the wall on the right, then use the Apparition Point. Use Diffindo to cut the student in half, then Wingardium Leviosa to repair him.

             Hufflepuff Crest: After rescuing the Student in Peril, head left and use Diffindo on the wall to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a Decoy Detonator, then ride it to this Crest piece.

Token Characters: Slughorn (Pajamas) (10,000)
                             Milk Man (80,000)
                             Dumbledore (Cursed) (1,000,000)