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Area 1: Gryffindor Crest: Fix 3 pictures in the house. The first one needs Wingardium Leviosa to be fixed. The second needs to be picked up and placed on the wall. For the third, head outside to the left, then use Wingardium Leviosa to fix it.

             Student in Peril: Head outside and to the left, then use Lumos to remove the vines on the outhouse, rescuing this student.

             Ravenclaw Crest: After rescuing the Student in Peril, build the LEGO pieces into a wheelchair. Hop on, then drive it over the three sprinkler heads on the hose (they look like mini propellers) to reveal this.

Area 2: Character Token 1: Use Dark Magic to open the garage on the left, then build the LEGO pieces into a rocket launch pad. Fill the rocket with water, then step on the button to launch it, revealing this. 

             Slytherin Crest: Destroy the bird bath on the left, then dig up a garden gnome. Pick it up and place it on the green pad to reveal this.

Area 5: Character Token 2: Destroy the presents in the first area to reveal a black present. Use Dark Magic on it to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a Apparition Point. Use it, then put on a pair of Spectrespecs. Build the LEGO pieces into a cello, revealing this.

             Hufflepuff Crest: After putting out the three major fires, you will notice leftover LEGO pieces. Build them into 3 dove cages, then zap them to release the doves. Release all 3 to reveal this. All 3 are in this area.

             Character Token 3: Use the super strength handle on the barrel to reveal this.

Token Characters: Mad-Eye Moody (10,000)
                             Ron (Wedding) (95,000)
                             Hermione (Red Dress) (57,500)